Target-oriented & holistic.


PMP, PMI, Prince2, Agile and SCRUM – these are all common terms associated with project management. Project management has become an essential element of every enterprise. But with the many different procedures, programs and guides, there remains the question: “Which one is best for my project?

The answer is nearly as complex as most of the projects themselves. Consiness helps you to find the best answer and to organize internal projects without a hitch. Project managers are often truly dedicated, but they are not professional enough: Honestly: Employees usually have to manage a project in addition to taking care of their own work. The typical pitfalls, which inevitably lead to frustration, happen again and again. But nearly all of the projects are somehow completed anyway – and they probably devoured more time and resources than budgeted or led to a different result.

This is where Consiness’s project managers can help with their extensive experience. They are trained in many different methods and procedures and possess years of project experience in various fields and project scopes. Their vast knowledge enables them to choose the best process and procedure to meet the requirements of the respective project situation – whether for a small, brief project or a major project that spans several years. Consiness makes sure that:

– The  project goal is clear
– The resources required for the project are available
– All participants know the what, how and why
– Best practice methods and processes are applied
Communication in every direction functions properly
Risks and escalation are deftly managed
Reporting is transparent.

Consiness manages its projects from the planning phase to implementation and final evaluation. Consiness consultants are also eager to help as the “fire brigade“: When projects lag or become bogged down, our consultants will analyze the actual task and problems, work with you to find potential solutions or, if you would like, take over the project completely