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Youthfulness and experiencenot a contradiction at Consiness. Consiness offers experience in the technologies of SAP and Microsoft, gained over decades, all over Germany, Europe and world. The focus is on targeted optimization of the customer’s corporate processes – and Consiness is not afraid to think outside the box. Best practice approaches are usually the most effective way to achieve objectives, but that is not always the case. When required, Consiness strays from the beaten path to offer the customer a solution tailored to the specific needs, while not hesitating to implement our own solutions.

The Consiness partners possess experience all over Europe, in the USA and South America as well as in the Mideast (Middle East). They have helped small companies just starting out, paved the way for medium-sized companies expanding to other countries, and advised and supported international corporations in the implementation of major projects. They use their ability to see the whole picture as well as their expertise in the fields of food, consumer electronics, mineral oils, publishing, pharmaceuticals, trade and more to determine the quickest way for the customer to achieve his (their) own specific goals.



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Be a part of the success. Consiness is always looking for drivepassion and excellence.

Are you familiar with SAP and know their products like the back of your hand? Do you have experience in the implementation of SAP products in existing application environments? Are you familiar with Microsoft products like SharePoint, Office365 or .NET from the user or administrator perspective? And do you know how to not only purposefully utilize your knowledge but how to comprehensibly impart it to others? Read More



Sempre Avanti accompanies and develops change strategies for entrepreneurial challenges such as strategically planned and implemented growth, measurable improvement in business results, and continuous safeguarding of corporate values. Read More



We have two locations in Germany and few months ago, we expended our company to India, where we have a new location Read More



Consiness und their partners are involved in various social projects. Here are some projects that could benefit from it. Read More