Track and Trace Information in SAP

Where is my shipment – and when will it be where I want it to be? This information is not just “nice to have,” it is essential to smooth planning of processes nowadays. Many carriers and shipping companies offer this service – but each one has its own interface and uses different protocols.

consiness provides a PlugIn that reduces the number of interfaces required to exactly one – using a standard component of your SAP system. It supplies tracking data on dispatch and delivery to your SAP system – with only minimal effort on your part, since: Setting up the links to the individual shipping companies is a service that you don’t have to care of any longer.

The TRX PlugIn is easy to install and is quickly ready to be used: is uses the existing XSI module in SAP and works seamlessly with your SAP ERP system. The track and trace data is displayed in the standard views like Deliveries (VL03N in GUI), and all settings required in the SAP system are made in the extended IMG.