What is success? A child’s first step? A researcher’s scientific breakthrough? A corporation’s debut on the international stage?

Success grows along with aspirations. It is a link between theory and practice, between experience and the joy of innovation, between quality and courage. Success is more than just luck: Success can be planned. With Consiness. Because we are passionate about your success.

Consiness shows you your own unique path to success. Whether it is the analysis of your business processes, implementation of new SAP modules or the search for solutions designed especially to meet your company’s needs: Our expertise steers you onto the road to success.

The experts at Consiness, at home in two worlds – SAP and Microsoft – recognize what your company really needs: Consiness is your partner for logistics and risk management, finance and process integration, planning optimization and customer retention management as well as for project management. Consiness consultants are experts in their respective fields. They attend to your application software throughout its entire lifecycle.

With many years of experience in the fields of SAP consulting, application lifecycle management and the world of Microsoft, Consiness is your partner on the road to success. With innovative approaches and an eye for solutions that are as unique as they are sustainable.

Consiness works at the international level, in different languages and across many industries, applying competence and creativity to solve complex challenges faced by small companies, medium-sized companies and vast global corporations. Consiness combines the courage to tackle the new with the quality of long-term experience – allowing your company to be even more competitive.

Consiness would like to give you a hand with your next step, your breakthrough, or your ascent to the international world of business. For your success.

Consiness’s success unites professionals. We are Consiness. We are here for you.