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Digitalization, competition, cost pressure: markets, business processes and systems are constantly changing. Change is part of the daily business in successful companies today. Benefit from over 30 years of experience of passionate solution finders: us.

Simplify processes, create new structures or optimize authorization management: For IT consulting, IT development and project management, the experts at consiness are at your side as sparring partners – across all industries. Familiar with the world of SAP and Microsoft, they recognize what your company really needs for greater efficiency.

What distinguishes our process optimizers? In-depth expertise, striving for excellence, empathy for people and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. In short: the entire application lifecycle management of your systems is in good hands with us.

We are looking forward to your challenge: or Phone +49 40 328 906 00

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Consultants at Consiness are versatile: Are you seeking an expert for the implementation of SAP modules in the logistics sector? Does your authorization management need to be adapted to the evolved structures? Does the data exchange between your SAP application and your other components need optimization? Then Consiness is the right choice for you. Read More



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Every company has special requirements of its own application environment. The existing applications cover many of those needs. Consiness establishes more with the aid of best practice approaches. But are there other special, non-standardized requirements beyond those? To meet these demands, Consiness relies on their own products or solutions from partners. Read More



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Youthfulness and experience – not a contradiction at Consiness. Consiness offers experience in the technologies of SAP and Microsoft, gained over decades, all over Germany, Europe and world. The focus is on targeted optimization of the customer’s corporate processes – and Consiness is not afraid to think outside the box. Best practice approaches are usually the most effective way to achieve objectives, but that is not always the case. When required, Consiness strays from the beaten path to offer the customer a solution tailored to the specific needs, while not hesitating to implement our own solutions. Read More