IDM360 Suite

Welcome to IdM360 Suite – the comprehensive solution for Identity and Access Management (IAM). Developed by consiness, IdM360 Suite is based on the extensive experience of numerous customer projects.

Our solution is easy and quick to deploy and quickly integrates your IAM processes with HR applications. Using the latest Fiori apps technology, it is ideal for companies of any size and industry looking for a reliable, scalable and flexible solution.

IdM360 Suite offers a user-friendly interface that enables adoption without extensive training. It automates processes, manages access permissions and monitors activities. Integration with your HR systems enables a high level of automation of IAM processes. Of course, information security requirements are taken into account.

Our solution not only offers seamless integration with your existing IT landscape, but also a high level of security and scalability. We are proud to introduce IdM360 Suite and support you in mastering your IAM challenges.