Sozial Engagement

Consiness and their partners are actively involved in various social projects, and here are some projects that have benefited from their support:

Gegen Noma – Parmed e.V.http://www.gegen-noma.deGegen NOMA – PARMED e.V. is committed to sustainable combat of the childhood disease Noma in Burkina Faso. The focus is on implementing prevention programs in partnership with the Burkina Faso Ministry of Health.
Tafeln – Hennefhttps://www.tafel.deThe non-profit food banks create a balance: they collect surplus, high-quality food and distribute it to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.
Helden für Tiere GmbHhttps://www.heldenfuertiere.deThe purpose of “Heroes for Animals” is to protect animals and preserve them from psychological and physical harm. The “heroes” act selflessly and do not primarily pursue economic interests..
Nachbarschaftshilfe e.V.https://www.nachbarschaftshilfe-ev.deThe NACHBARSCHAFTSHILFE is a citizen-oriented social institution that provides assistance and support for economic hardship and needy individuals such as unemployed, social welfare recipients, retirees, families with many children, young and socially disadvantaged families, particularly single mothers and fathers, asylum seekers, and other citizens in need. They provide affordable, yet quality clothing, laundry, shoes, household items, dishes, lamps, strollers, books, furniture and more. Our customers receive high-quality services for little money