As an entrepreneur, it is absolutely essential that you concentrate on your specific area of expertise.

Consiness gives you the space to do precisely that. After all, there are few things that take as much time as the implementation, customization and maintenance of an application environment designed to meet your needs. There is nothing else as complex, versatile, multi-faceted and at the same time important to your company as optimally utilized software – as a sturdy and reliable backbone for your business processes, users have to be able to navigate it intuitively and upkeep has to be easy for IT.

In most enterprises, IT has evolved from a service department responsible for smooth operation throughout the company to an integral component that impacts every aspect of the business – a component that is essential to many new business models even being able to be used. Internet of things, working in the cloud or industry 4.0 are just a few of the common buzzwords. So IT is too important to weigh in down with the daily grind of administrative tasks.

Consiness consultants help you to identify your company’s precise needs. With their vast experience in small and medium-sized companies as well in corporations operating around the world, in fields such as pharmaceuticals, publishing, the mineral oil industry and much more, the experts at Consiness know what companies need in today’s world of ever increasing connectedness. Consiness helps you to optimize business processes applying new technologies.

A thorough requirements analysis shows where your company needs to act – and where it is not necessary. The experts at Consiness work with various departments and IT to define the specifications for a customized solution and to plan implementation and subsequent go-live. They are happy to examine existing solutions and show you where there is potential for optimization.

Whether you rely on the power of SAP tools and modules, value Microsoft solutions or count on a harmonious combination of the two worlds: Consiness is your partner. The experts from Consiness will accompany you from consulting, installation and implementation to customization and startup. We set up application lifecycle management to meet your needs and also offer employee training – to facilitate the most efficient use of your new application environment.

You can rely on our strengths: With its experience, expertise and passion, Consiness gives you space to focus on your strengths.

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